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Celebration of Excellence 2021

When you think of excellence in the Minnetonka Public School District, is there a person who comes to mind? A teacher? A staff member? A para? A volunteer in the schools? Whether you are a parent, student, staff member or community member, you have the opportunity to nominate that person for a Minnetonka Schools' Child-centered Excellence Award.

Award categories include:

  • Bradley G. Board Award for Excellence in Elementary Education
  • Charlie Parnell Memorial Award for Excellence in Special Education
  • Minnetonka Employee Award for Child-centered Excellence
  • Minnetonka Award for Child-centered Excellence in Teaching
  • Minnetonka Award for Child-centered Excellence in Teaching E-learners (new award this year!)
  • Team Award for Child-centered Collaboration
  • Joyce Gustafson Memorial Award

The award honorees, selected from among the nominations by a committee of past award honorees, will be recognized at the District's annual Celebration of Excellence Awards Ceremony on May 13, 2021.

Please take a few moments to learn more about the award categories and to acknowledge a teacher, school staff member or community member for their dedication and impact.

Nominations are open through March 7, 2021 at www.minnetonkaschools.org/celebrate.

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When music teacher David Davis learned that his third grade e-learners loved musicals, he suggested they create their own. Thrilled by the idea, the class worked together to create their own original production.

Celebrating Technology Staff

Minnetonka Schools's amazing technology staff members are dedicated to supporting students, teachers and families, and they play a critical role in the District every day. We truly could not do it without them!