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Tonka CARES is a diverse community coalition that fosters the healthy development of youth, including substance use prevention and early intervention. With a commitment to stay current and relevant- and leveraging research and data – we:

  • Build Relationships: We engage, connect and inform, with and for youth.
  • Promote Wellbeing: We focus on essential community needs.
  • Make Connections: We serve as the hub for information and partnerships.
  • Think Systemically: We improve conditions within the community to effect change.
Tonka CARES currently has over 30 active members. Our members come from the following 12 sectors and work together to support our mission.

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Current partners include:

Minnetonka Public Schools, South Lake Pediatrics, Minnetonka Police Department, South Lake Minnetonka Police Department, Relate Counseling Center, Carver County Public Health & Environment Division, Reframe Inc., Ridgewood Church, Westwood Community Church, Minnetonka Family Collaborative, myHealth for Teens and Young Adults, Traverse Counseling & Consulting, Association for Non-Smokers MN, Partners in Prevention, Hennepin County Human Services & Public Health Department and more!

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Judy Hanson
Loyiha Koordinatori
952-401-5056 (stol)

Uchrashuv Jadvali

  • Seshanba, Sentyabr. 19,: 30 a. m. 9-10, Jamoa Xona DSC
  • Seshanba, Noyabr. 14, 1-2:30 p, Jamoa Xona DSC
  • Seshanba, Jan. 16,: 30 a. m. 9-10, Jamoa Xona DSC
  • Seshanba, Mart 13, 1-2:30 p, DSC Jamoa Xona
  • Yakshanba, 8-May:30 a. m. 9-10, DSC Jamoa Xona

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