Emergency Closing Procedures

The District's emergency closing procedures are used when schools are experiencing significant inclement weather or other situations that require an interruption to the normal school day. 

District Procedures

The decision to have school or close on days of inclement weather has always been challenging, but it will be easier this year.  Decisions will be made that secure the safety of students and staff who would have been in school, while still recognizing our responsibility to conduct school as scheduled whenever possible.

Communicating with Families

We will carefully consider all factors when bad weather is occurring or predicted, and student and staff safety will be the major priority in developing our response.  Keeping schools open or closing them are major decisions when faced with weather conditions that could affect travel or the safety of students and staff.  Keeping school open is not about financial considerations but about our commitment to educate our students.

Emergency Closure Scenarios

There are three different scenarios that can be involved in a decision to close schools during an emergency: