Bezorilik Oldini Olish

Salomatlik va xavfsizlik bo'yicha ko'rsatmalar


Children’s Hospital

Volunteer opportunities weekdays 9 am – 3 pm and during summer. See website for more information and to apply.


Sog'liqni Saqlash Xavotirlar Surunkali Sharoitlar



Offers volunteer placement in a variety of areas based on your interests and abilities. Day, evening and weekend opportunities are available to volunteers age 14 and older.




Open Arms Minnesota

Open Arms Minnesota provides home-delivered meals for people living with illness in the community. Decorate delivery bags, do a cereal drive, deliver meals, train to work in the kitchen or volunteer at their organic farm.


Sarlavha IX


Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital

At Park Nicollet, we believe in giving children the chance to positively impact their community through volunteer opportunities. More than 70 youth, ages 15 to 18, regularly volunteer their time and make a difference in the lives of our patients and community.


Maktab Xodimlari Qo'llab-Quvvatlaydi


Maktab Xodimlari Qo'llab-Quvvatlaydi

The time and effort contributed by volunteers is invaluable and appreciated by Ridgeview's staff, patients and visitors. Our adult and student volunteers serve in a variety of positions. We work with each individual to find an appropriate placement that fits his or her interests, skills and availability.


Qo'shimcha Tuman Ota-Onalar Qo'llab-Quvvatlaydi


Ronald McDonald House Charities, upper Midwest

There are three locations in the Twin Cities, each with specific volunteer opportunities and shifts.