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To be eligible for the Senior Capstone Project, seniors must meet these qualifications:

  • be enrolled in two or more AP or IB classes and in good standing (other rigorous courses may qualify)
  • gain permission from all second semester teachers
  • have a clearly definable interest to explore
  • be able and willing to plan and complete the project independently
  • Complete a detailed, thoughtful and complete application with a calendar showing how their time will be spent


During the Senior Capstone Project period, students must:

  • plan and organize the Senior Capstone project
  • find and engage a Professional Mentor
  • work 50 hours or more from May 21-June 3 (approximately five hours/day)
  • not receive compensation
  • display exemplary behavior to ensure the strong reputation and integrity of the Senior Capstone program and Minnetonka High School
  • maintain good communication with the Professional Mentor and the MHS Project Coordinator (Briana Wilson)
  • maintain a blog throughout the experience
  • showcase the final project at the Community Fair on June 4
  • complete an exit interview June 4 during the Community Fair, finalizing and reflecting on their experience with a member of the Capstone Committee


Capstone 2019 Talabalar
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Capstone Haqida


Briana Wilson
Capstone Dasturi direktori

Katta Capstone Kalendar | Bahor 2020

Juma, 31 Yanvar
Erta Qaror Dasturlar TUFAYLI


Juma, 21 Fevral
Dastur tufayli sana


Dushanba, 20 May
Katta capstone talabalar uchun maktab oxirgi kuni


May 21–Iyun 3
Katta Capstone loyiha davri


Thursday, June 4
Capstone Community Fair in MHS Commons (11:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.)


5-Iyun–Iyun 8
Qariyalar Xizmat


May, Iyun 9
AQSH Bank Stadionida 2020 Boshlash sinf