Foundation Impact at MMW

2018-19 Foundation Teacher Grants for MMW

Microscope Mounts
Todd Noel | Awarded $400

Funding for cell phone microscope mounts for use in 7th grade science classrooms.





NA Robotics Drone Experiences

Fred Stock | Awarded $500

NA Robotics will bring a pair of industrial drones to MMW to fly a mission over and around the school.






Manikin Mania
Jen Syverson | Awarded $1,800

Provides manikins that give compression depth feedback, allowing CPR students to know if they are pushing hard enough to circulate oxygenated blood.



Growing Through Grief
Donna Dahl | Awarded $759
For all schools

Funds a Stress Reduction Tool Kit for the Minnetonka Grief Counselor to use in peer support groups, individual sessions, and wile supporting crisis events.




Design for Learning
Nicole Snedden | Awarded $5,000
For all schools

A district wide innovation project that empowers students and staff to transform education through the design of the learning environment.









8th grade Tectonics project Urban Sprawl MME 6th grade Pollack Sphero Art






Launching The Hub to Promote Maker-Based Learning

Future workplaces will require people who can problem-solve, adapt, and communicate in environments that are increasingly complex.

With $200,000 from our Endowment Fund, the Foundation launched The Hub last year. We provided plugged and unplugged materials to enhance the tonka curricular program and support maker-based learning in all PreK-8 Minnetonka schools.



The Hub materials provided by the Foundation encourage open-ended student-driven learning experiences that encourage creativity, collaboration and teamwork to achieve a goal.

Middle School egyptian skits  

MMW Hub ClubMMW_Hub_Club_02.13.18








Middle Schools Girls Coding Lockin




MMW Robotics for ELL Learners


"I had parents at both conferences
mention how great the hands-on,
real-world learning was and how much their students appreciated The Hub!"
- MMW Teacher






"Parents and students were amazed and excited by The Hub activity."
- MMW Teacher


"Students have asked, 'when can we do that again?'"
- MMW Teacher








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We also provide continued financial support for district-wide programs



Design for Learning
A district-wide innovation project that empowers students and staff to transform education through the design of the learning environment.




Parenting with Purpose
Community Book Read Event: Raising Unselfies!

Featuring Michelle Borba, Ed.D, author of “Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World” on November 14, MHS Arts Center.

Save the Date for Foundation Events

November 16
Tour of Tables
Ladies Luncheon
Lafayette Club

February 9
Dream Makers
Minneapolis Event Center




Your Financial Support of the Foundation will be used at MMW to:

  • Sponsor MMW teacher grants
  • Provide new Hub materials and technology
  • Replenish Hub consumable items used by students
  • Make future Hub enrichment events possible

"Students were able to dream up solutions to real problems, and then create a tangible representation of their solutions. This level of engagement, creativity, and critical thinking is not easily achieved in the classroom."
- MMW Teacher