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We serve families in 10 communities around the Lake Minnetonka area. Some cities are served by two or more school districts. Families seeking a home in Minnetonka School District #276 are advised to verify the address of a residence and note the designated district and schools before signing a binding agreement. Other sources of this information may be unreliable.

Minnetonka School District boundaries are well established, and we do not anticipate any changes to school boundaries in the foreseeable future.

Verify Residence Address

Elementary Schools
We have six elementary attendance areas for our six neighborhood elementary schools. Use our interactive district map to identify the attendance area by specific addresses.

Middle Schools
Minnetonka Middle School East and Minnetonka Middle School West school boundaries align with elementary school boundaries. Deephaven, Groveland and Scenic Heights Elementary students will attend Minnetonka Middle School East. Clear Springs, Excelsior and Minnewashta Elementary students will attend Minnetonka Middle School West.

High School
As a one-high school district, all Minnetonka Public School District students attend Minnetonka High School for grades 9-12.

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