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Welcome to Minnetonka Middle Schools!

We are proud of our outstanding educational program supported by a close sense of community that inspires a passion to excel in every student.

There are three essential characteristics of high-performing middle schools:

  1. Rigorous academic programs that encourage students to exceed their own expectations.
  2. A strong family-like community that ensures every student makes new friends and knows a sense of belonging and support.
  3. Diverse curriculum that allows students to wonder, discover, create and envision a future with a wide variety of potential interests.

In Minnetonka, we are proud to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for middle school students. We continue to expand our curriculum and course options, while enhancing rigor and support for students. We are also excited to continue our Spanish and Chinese Language Immersion Programs, as well as our three-year accelerated science program. Our consistent focus remains on providing world-class academics, arts, activities and service learning to all our students, which provide a rich opportunity to explore before entering high school.

As you review our middle school offerings, we hope you discover the many options for academic challenge and discovery woven together by a network of supportive and inspirational relationships.


Pete Dymit, Principal at Minnetonka Middle School East Hoff
Freya Schirmacher
Pete Dymit, Principal
Minnetonka O'rta Maktab Sharq



Freya Schirmacher
Minnetonka O'rta Maktab G'arb





Savollar va hisobot onlayn taqdim bir ish kuni ichida javob olasiz Olaylik orqali.

MME: Let's Talk

MMW: Let's Talk


Through our middle school program, your child will be provided courses in the following areas:

  • San'at
  • Family & Consumer Science
  • Sog'liqni saqlash
  • Language arts: (reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening)
  • Mathematics (advanced courses available)
  • Media and technology
  • Musiqa
  • Jismoniy Tarbiya
  • Science (advanced courses available)
  • Ijtimoiy Tadqiqotlar
  • Ta'lim Texnologiyasi
  • World Languages (Chinese, French, German, Spanish)

In addition to academic programs, each middle school offers a wide range of after-school activities. The variety of options attract over 80% of our middle school students to participate in at least one after school activity. Some activities include:

  • Art Club
  • Yilnomasi
  • Talaba Hukumat
  • Jazz Band

Akademik Standartlari

Minnetonka Davlat Maktablari, akademik standartlari Ta'lim Minnesota Bo'limi (MDE) tomonidan ishlab chiqilgan intiladilar.

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