Takomillashgan O'qitish ichida

Bola-Markazli Takomillashgan O'qitish ichida Minnetonka Mukofotlar uchun

Bu mukofot Minnetonka Maktab Tumani ko'plab mashhur o'qituvchilar eng yaxshi vakillari tanlang intiladi. Bu mukofot har bir maktabdan har bir darajasida va tan oladi. Ushbu mukofot Yil dasturi Minnesota O'qituvchi uchun mahalliy tan olish va Tuman ning nominating tartibi sifatida xizmat qiladi.

2020 Winners

  • Jesse Meyen - Oltinchi Sinf O'qituvchisi, Minnetonka O'rta Maktab G'arb
  • Yoqub Fouts - Tili, San'at O'qituvchisi, O'rta Maktab Sharq Minnetonka
  • Leah Dasovich - Tili, San'at O'qituvchisi, Minnetonka Yuqori Maktab
  • Burfeind - Turtki/Texnologiyalar Mitch Ta'lim O'qituvchisi, Minnetonka Yuqori Maktab
  • Callie Bartels - To'rtinchi Sinf O'qituvchisi, Aniq Springs Boshlang'ich
  • LeAnne Smit - Maxsus Ta'lim O'qituvchisi, Boshlang'ich Deephaven
  • Kyra Hamilton - Ikkinchi Sinf Ispaniya Cho'kish O'qituvchi, Groveland Boshlang'ich
  • Brooke Igl - Sinf O'qituvchi To'rtinchi, Excelsior Boshlang'ich
  • Jen Watson - RSK O'qituvchi, Minnewashta Boshlang'ich
  • Katy Guo - Ikkinchi Sinf Xitoy Cho'kish O'qituvchi, Scenic Yuksaklikka Boshlang'ich
  • Krisana Hoff, Nutq O'qituvchi, Minnetonka Hamjamiyati Ta'lim

Mukofot mezonlari

  • Demonstrates exemplary commitment, enthusiasm, student-focus, effectiveness, and professionalism.
  • Displays personal and professional integrity.
  • Advocates for the best interest of students; addresses emotional and developmental needs of students.
  • Employs a wide range of educational and scientific research in teaching, including effective practices in differentiation—pulling the best out of each student.
  • Exhibits a genuine love of children and a professional commitment to children’s learning.
  • Creates a positive, supportive, respectful and disciplined atmosphere for personal and academic achievement to flourish.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional growth, school improvement, and community involvement.
  • All licensed teachers are eligible for nomination.

Nominatsiyasi jarayoni

  • Any Minnetonka colleague, administrator, student, parent, community member, or alumnus may make the nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominatsiyasi o'z ichiga olishi kerak:
    • Nominator’s name and phone number
    • Nominee’s name, job title, and school or department
    • Answers to the following questions
      • Briefly describe this nominee’s strengths in relation to the criteria for this award.
      • Briefly describe how this nominee displays a genuine love of children and commitment to their learning.
      • Briefly describe how this nominee demonstrates best practices in teaching.
      • Briefly describe this nominee’s involvement in our schools and community, beyond regular duties.
  • Submit one or more letters of support which share personal observations of how the nominee demonstrates a commitment to child-centered excellence. It is suggested that letters be from both an employee and non-employee of the District.
  • One finalist from each school (two from MHS) and DEC are selected by a recognition or Tonka Pride committee at each site and shall be notified in late April.
  • The District Recognition Committee selects two teachers from among the finalists to represent Minnetonka in the Minnesota Teacher of the Year Program. District support will be provided to complete the two state nominations.

Nominatsiyasi yuboring


Savollar? Elektron pochta celebrateexcellence@minnetonkaschools.org

Past Recipients