Joyce Gustafson Mukofoti

Joyce Gustafson Yodgorlik Mukofoti

Homiylik tomonidan Ko'l Minnetonka/Excelsior Rotary Klubi bu mukofot hisoblanadi davom etayotgan bag'ishlandi xotira Joyce Gustafson, uzoq vaqt Minnetonka musiqa o'qituvchisi kim vafot aprel 1999, so'ng besh yillik urush bilan saraton. Bu yillik mukofot beradi tan olinishi uchun bir Minnetonka xodim kim namoyish maxsus majburiyat uchun talabalar, ijodkorlik bo'yicha ta'lim berish, qo'llab-quvvatlash uchun hamkasblari va yuqori darajasi, malakasi ko'rsatilgan tomonidan Joyce Gustafson davomida uning o'quv faoliyatida Minnetonka Maktablar.

Past recipients

  • 2020 - Jeff Renlund, Excelsior Elementary Physical Education Teacher
  • 2019 - Angie Kallman (posthumously), MME math teacher (watch video)
  • 2018 - Amber Larsen, District-wide Special Education Teacher (watch video)
  • 2017 - Tim Felty, Minnetonka High School, Spanish Teacher
  • 2016 - Margaret Gaumond, Minnetonka High School
  • 2015 - Tom Condon, Minnetonka Middle School West, Teacher
  • 2014 - Jerry McNeal, Scenic Heights
  • 2013 - Mary Beth Wiig, Minnetonka High School, Guidance Counselor
  • 2012 - Anne Redfern, Groveland Elementary, Reading Specialist
  • 2011 - Bev Ginther, Interim Director of Teaching and Learning
  • 2010 - Jerry Bartow, MME, Language Arts teacher
  • 2009 - Delette Lemon, Clear Springs Elementary, Special Education Teacher
  • 2008 - Rachel Polanski, Deephaven Elementary, Kindergarten Teacher
  • 2007 - Melanie (Casiday) Mozingo, Minnewashta Elementary, Art Teacher
  • 2006 - Jan Nelson, MHS, Art Teacher
  • 2005 - Randy Nelson, MHS, Work Experience Teacher
  • 2004 - Colleen Faber, Scenic Heights, Social Worker
  • 2003 - Jim Moon, MHS, Technology Education Teacher
  • 2002 - Kathy Kirkegaard, Minnewashta, Music Teacher
  • 2001 - Allie Cronk, Clear Springs, Physical Education Teacher
  • 2000 - Mary Skoy, MHS, Language Arts Teacher

Mukofot mezonlari

  • Demonstration of a commitment to students and their learning, a caring compassion that includes all students.
  • Demonstrated creativity in teaching or supporting the teaching process.
  • Evidence of support and encouragement to colleagues.
  • Evidence of a life commitment to helping students learn and achieve success.

This is an opportunity to recognize the work of colleagues – teachers, support staff or administrators, who have demonstrated these characteristics in their work with students and colleagues. Those who have been nominated the past three years and teachers nominated for the Child-Centered Excellence Awards during the current year will automatically be considered.

Nominatsiyasi jarayoni

  • Any Minnetonka employee may make the nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominatsiyasi o'z ichiga olishi kerak:
    • Nominator’s name, address and phone number and and their relationship to the nominee
    • Nominee’s name and affiliated school
    • Include a confidential memorandum of no more than two pages in length explaining how the nominee meets the criteria.
  • The selection will be made by a small committee of our colleagues who are familiar with the influence that Joyce had on our system.


Nominatsiyasi yuboring

The tribute will consist of a plaque in recognition of the award, and a monetary sum from the Lake Minnetonka/Excelsior Rotary Club. The use of the funds will not be restricted.