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The Capstone Community Fair is the culminating event where students showcase their project, answer questions and share what they learned throughout their Capstone experience.

It is an open house format and will take place on Thursday, June 4, 2020 from 11:30 a.m.-1:45 p.m. Part of what makes this event special is having outside members of our community attend. I hope you will join us for this incredible experience.

2018-19 Project List

View Final Reflections from the 2018-19 Capstone Students

  • Wildlife Care
  • Experimental Surgical Services Lab Internship
  • Medi Spa Shadowing
  • Minnetonka City Planning Internship
  • Walker Art Center Job Shadow
  • Medicinal Chemistry Shadowing at the Wagner Research Group
  • Learning about the criminal justice program
  • Delving Into Design and Business
  • Intro to Investment Banking
  • Music Therapy  
  • Job Shadow with Ciceron
  • Creating Something From Nothing: Video Game Design
  • Modern Retro: High Capacity Faux Floppy Drive
  • The Children's Museum
  • Teaching Assistant at St. Therese School
  • Shadowing Wolfnet
  • Law Firm Internship
  • Internship At Strootman Law Offices
  • Fifth Street Customs Marketing and Operations Management Internship
  • Why physical therapy?
  • Intern with Wells Fargo
  • Assistant to economist/researcher
  • REAL estate, REAL experience
  • Internship with Dr. Meiusi at Edina eye clinic
  • CNA Clinicals and Pediatric Job Shadow
  • Family Practice Shadow Position
  • Chanhassen Dinner Theater Costume Design
  • Golden Rule Expansion
  • National Debate Tournament Independent Study
  • Medical Field shadow
  • Criminal Justice 101
  • Golden Rule Expansion
  • Job Shadow at Tennant Company
  • Law study
  • Photography Job Shadow
  • Elementary and Middle School Education
  • Neuroscience Researcher Shadow
  • Youth Eco Solutions Greenhouse and Aquaponics System
  • Surgery Shadowing
  • Cardiology Shadowing: Lab and Clinical
  • Madrivo Vegas Internship
  • Now & Then – exploring our resources through time
  • Human Rights Law and Advocacy
  • Education surrounding season extending greenhouse and aquaponics systems
  • OT/PT Job Shadow
  • Job shadow at MN Department of Health
  • Real Estate (Edina Realty)
  • Video Production
  • Criminal Justice 101 with Judge Quam
  • Biomedical Engineering Internship
  • CRNA Shadow
  • Education surrounding season extended Greenhouse and Aquaponics tower.
  • Debate National Tournament Research
  • Short Film Script Writing
  • The Toy Kids Really Want and the Toy Marginalized Kids Really Need
  • A Look Into a Career in Education
  • Food Science
  • Graphic Designer Job Shadow
  • A Comparison of Minneapolis Creative Agencies
  • Judge Quam Job Shadow
  • Life of an Elementary Teacher
  • Student Teacher Experience
  • Help Campbell’s and Pepperidge Farms in the Digital Space
  • Exploring Youth Services in the Public Library
  • Real Estate Shadow
  • I have two: Building R2D2 and Creative Writing
  • Engineering and Product Development in the Automation Industry
  • Wayzata Children’s Clinic / Odom Health and Wellness
  • Nursing Clinical and Shadowing Experience
  • CIO King Capital Job Shadow
  • Healthcare Administrative Overview
  • Testing the efficiency and flight characteristics of various wing types on robotic birds.
  • A Look into a Career in Education
  • The Real Estate Experience
  • The Lynhall Pastry Arts
  • Target Brand Development
  • MLatinomedia Job Shadow
  • Nursing shadow / clinicals
  • Neurological job shadow
  • Education surrounding season extending greenhouse and aquaponics tower
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Healing People vs. Healing Animals
  • Job shadowing a surgeon
  • Overview of medical fields (with emphasis on biomedical engineering and immunology)
  • Sustainability with Vetiver Solutions
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