Boshlang'ich Frans

Band Class

Band is a curricular class which begins in grade 5 and continues through grade 12. The 5th grade band class utilizes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments to continue students’ elementary music education.

Elementary students who enroll in band class will learn:

  • The fundamentals of their instrument
  • How to perform as an individual and as part of an ensemble
  • How to improve their music reading abilities

Talabalar, shuningdek, ularning malakasini oshirish va bilimlarini shubha ostiga bo'ladi:

  • Tinglash
  • Hamkorlik
  • Ijod
  • Musiqa Xilma-Xilligi

The band schedule and expectations include:

  • Small group lesson once in each six-day cycle
  • Katta guruh darslari bir-ikki marta olti kunlik davr
  • Up to three co-curricular concerts throughout the school year
  • At-home practicing is essential to student learning

Biz Bilan Bog'lanish

Clear Springs: David Davis,
Scenic Heights: Mary Beth Huttlin,
Excelsior & Groveland: Wade Lutterbein,
Deephaven & Minnewashta: Cheryl Pikal,

Band students playing instruments.


Listen to the Band Instruments