2017-2018 Minnetonka Research Student Projects

  • Investigating Relationship of Between VO2Max and HRMax in Male Cross Country Skiing Athletes ages 15-19 years
  • Effects of Stretching on Strength Gains over Time Reducing Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria by Improving Proofreading in DNA replication
  • Using Machine Learning to Improve Diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma
  • The Effect of Three Terpene Phytochemicals on Antifungal Susceptibility in Candida Glabrata and Candida Albicans Yeast
  • Enhancing Underwater Biological Motion Identification Robots to Commence Safety Actions for Recreational Scuba Divers Following Transmission of Ultrasonic Pingers Through Acoustic Transponders
  • Utilizing a Multi-Sensor Approach to Sleep Tracking
  • The Relationship Between the Primary Pulsation Period and the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae Variables
  • Effects of Drug Addiction on Social Behavior of Ants
  • Replication and Prediction by Computer Program of Partition Coefficients in Water/Octanol Solution by HPLC
  • Effects of Operantly Conditioning the Essential Oil of Citrus Hystrix on the Salivation Levels and Sucrose Consumption of Periplaneta Americana
  • Identification & Evaluation of Conserved & Mutated Regions of RyR1,RyR2 Between Species
  • The Effect of Three Terpene Phytochemicals on Antifungal Susceptibility in Candida Glabrata and Candida Albicans Yeast
  • Using Simulations and Models to Test Attributes on Effectiveness of Passive Solar Homes
  • Impact of Soil Composition on the Transmissibility and Diffusion of Chronic Wasting Disease in North America
  • Creating a Program to Test Emotion Recognition Using a Facial Image
  • A Machine Learning Approach to Spirometry Diagnosis
  • Lignin Degradation of E. Coli Excreting the Enzyme DyP1B
  • Optimization of Adsorbtive and Absorptive methods of Heavy Metal Immobilization in the in Vitro Quaternary Treatment of AMD with Oedogonium SPP.
  • Development of a Decentralized Swarm of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Distributed Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • The Antibacterial Effects of Nanoparticulate Metals
  • Creation and Analysis of Asteroid Light Curves
  • Antibacterial Phytochemical-antibiotic Combinations Against Gram-Negative E. Coli Bacteria and Gram-positive B. Subtilis Bacteria
  • Investigation of Ability of Murine Insulin-producing Beta Cells to Thrive in Varying Glucose Levels Compared with That of Murine Fibroblasts.
  • Effect of Winglet Height Variation on Lift to Drag Ration in Box-Shaped Joined Wing Structures
  • Using Neural Networks to Improve Cell Counting Systems and Diagnosis Using Image Analysis
  • Applying the Wavelength-isolating Mechanics of Metamaterials in a Scale Model
  • The Effect of a Symmetrical Winglet on the Mainsail of a M32 Catamaran
  • Robotic Spatiotemporal Motion Adjustment Sevice for Rehabilitation Applications
  • Presence and functionality of Long Lived Effector T Cells using the Mouse Infection Model
  • Estrogenic effects of plastic microbeads on zebrafish Vitellogenin expression
  • Mapping the USP33 Gene as it is Involved in Cardiomyocyte Regeneration in Neonatal Mice
  • Determination of ancient Earth day length through reconstruction and analysis of ancestral circadian rhythm proteins
  • The Role of gst Genes in the Longevity of isp-1 Mutated C. Elegans Worms
  • Derivation of Magnesium and Calcium Based Super Absorbent Polymers from Banana Peel and Egg Shell Waste
  • An Investigation into Snow Depth Mapping Through the Use of a Sensor Payload and UAVs
  • The Isolation of Soil Microorganisms and Their Abilities to Degrade Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), a Metabolite Derived from Glyphosate

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