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Screen Time and Student Well-Being: Raising Tech Healthy Kids

Parenting in the Digital Age Webinar: Finding a Healthy Balance Parts I & II

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Fortnite and more… Technology is a big part of our kids’ world! Keeping up can be challenging, but a positive and well informed approach can have a big impact on a child’s future and habits. Learn how through the webinars recorded below. Join Mathew Meyers, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in family relationships and healthy technology use including video game addiction and Dave Eisenmann, Director of Instructional Technology & Media Services for Minnetonka Public Schools, as they discuss Parenting in the Digital Age: Finding a Healthy Balance. Get tips and ideas for maintaining open dialog about technology and understand the significant role you play in helping youth be responsible and safe in today’s high-tech world. You can watch the videos in their entirety by starting with the first topic below or skip ahead to specific topics of your choice:

  • Part I, 53 minutes, audio recording below: Screen Time & Balance, Attention & Focus, Addiction, Parenting & Modeling, Monitoring & Filtering, and Age Recommendations
  • Part II, 54 minutes below: Parenting Strategies and Tips, Digital Footprints, Cyberbullying, and Pornography and Sexting

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