Section 504 is a federal law which protects the rights of persons with qualifying disabilities.

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Erta Bolalik Maxsus Ed

We provide early intervention for young children, age birth to kindergarten, who show developmental delay in a number of areas.

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Ingliz Learner (EL)

The English Learner (EL) program fosters meaningful understanding of American English by facilitating classroom and personal success.

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Sog'liqni Saqlash Xizmatlari

Our Health Services team collaborates with educational and support services within the school and the community to promote student health for student achievement.

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We have the responsibility to provide a program of instruction to students who are unable to attend class at school due to extended illness or injury.

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Maxsus Ta'lim Vazirligi

Our Special Education Department serves approximately 1,000 children who range in age from birth through 21.

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O'tish Plus

O'tish Plus nogironlar, yoshi 18 21 bilan yosh kattalar bilan ishlaydigan qo'shma dasturi, Xopkins, Sankt-Louis Park va Minnetonka maktab tumanlari orasida bo'ladi.

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Ushbu Bo'limda

Talaba Qo'llab-Quvvatlash Xizmatlari Uy